Huber Unearths a Viet Nam Time Capsule

So fine '69! This note from our buddy Chris Huber just came in. Hopefully he'll get it running in time for the Street Chopper party tomorrow. Don't worry, the only plans for the machine other than getting it running again is to ditch the bullet hole sticker. Luckily he had the lovely Laura with him to snap a couple pics and dig deeper with the seller to get the history on the bike.

From Chris:
Well, I was chopperless for about a month and I just couldn't handle it. Searched around on craigslist and found an ad out of the High Desert that said (oldschool triumph chop. Ran in 1995 when I parked it bcuz of the helmet law. Price $2500). Called the guy up and told him I wanted to come check it out last night after work. Drove out to Hesperia (yes Steve, Hesperia...literally blocks from where you and I were driving around weeks ago and I said "I bet there is chopper gold out here"). Rick, the owner was an old club guy with a garage full of bikes and this time capsule sitting in the middle. His best friend bought it from Burbank Triumph in 1970. Burbank Triumph at that point was building factory triumphs into choppers and this is one of them. They would Bob the fender, repaint the bike, change out the bars and put on a Denvers front end (that is a real deal Denvers front end). His buddy had to have it and he told the story of them both rolling up on their Honda choppers to get this bike like it was yesterday. His buddy shipped out to Vietnam a few months later and returned twice and they rode around the streets of Redondo Beach. His buddy the original owner went back to Vietnam for a third tour and was listed MIA in 1972. That same year the original owners Mom sold the bike to "rick" the guy I bought it from who has kept it running for the last 37 years. I offered him 2 grand in cash and he said "you just bought yourself a chopper". A box full of extra parts as well including sissy bars, pegs and other chopper artifact's. Some new oil and a few other odds and ends and I think she'll start right up! I'm gonna have to start smoking more pot if I roll this machine. I'm thinking sandals and swimming trunks will be essential riding gear for this bike.
Sorry for the long email, had to tell the story to somebody...kinda stoked...ha!@


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