Attention SoCal Sportster owners: We need to get our hands on a pre-rubber mount (86-03, if memory serves me) H-D Sportster in essentially stock trim from the tank back: stock rear fender, stock seat (Hugger, Lowboy or otherwise), etc. for fitment testing on our new Banana Seat. We did this with Chris from Blue Collar Moto a couple months ago, and now we have a second generation of this seat. If you're coming to the Biltwell pre-party this Friday the 13th and you own a bike that meets our requirements, please come to Biltwell HQ any time between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. What we've got to do won't take a half hour tops, and there's a free t-shirt and some stickers in it for you. If more than one guy shows up, we'll pick the most stock set-up and use them as the test mule. If you're willing to volunteer, please email  me. Thanks!