Tim's Seat Solution

Our buddy Tim has been running around sitting on his bare frame wondering what to do about a seat. Duane Ballard stepped up and helped him out. Duane made our Stainless Seat Bracket work with the rear tank mount and then covered a pan he had knocking around. It rides on little rubber bumpers from the hardware store. Bike with shocks and seat springs kinda weird me out so I'm glad to see Tim mount this one basically flush. To hide the ECM, he shoved it inside the battery cover on the side and added some zip-ties to keep it all in place. To cover all the stuff under the seat he beat out a thin piece of metal until it matched the contours, then used some velcro to hold it on. Much cleaner than letting a rat's nest of wires hang out like a dog's bullocks. He had a giant hole left over from the ECM in the top of the fender so the crafty one just rotated the whole fender forward to both hide the hole and shorten the fender. Tim also said swapping to the Keystones was easy and all of his stock cables and wires reached. He bent the hard brake line carefully so it would reach, and that was it.

Thanks for the pics Tim!