Flat Trackin'

Our buddy Eric "Third" Ryke raced flat track for the first time tonight. The SCFTA just built a brand new track next to the Perris Raceway (not Starwest, it's next to the old GFI track, found that out the hard way!). It's a great venue, was nice and organized and low key. Plenty of good bikes to look at in the pits, old K-models, XR750's, old Triumphs and the modern moto-based machines as well. Some for sale, cheap compared to choppers too. Eric's got plenty of motocross experience and rides his hot rod shovel like a flat tracker, but this was his first real race and he killed it. He got a weak start from the second row on the first heat, but made it to the main where he bagged a clean 2nd place. Nice work dude! The next race is September 18th and we'll be riding out there, so any locals that wanna join up for a night of good racing, feel free.
(click these pics to see 'em bigger.)