Useful Bits

Finally, some cheap, useful stuff! First up, replacement seat hinge mount. This is the part that mounts to your frame and comes with both our cast Stainless hinge or the 4130 Chromoly unit. They both use an identical, cast, weldable chunk that fits seamlessly onto 1.5" tubing, or can be carved up and modified to fit other surfaces. Check this Lowbrow How-To for a good example. I just used one of these things as a front gas tank mount and it worked out real neat. There are a wide variety of applications where this would be handy, so we figured we'd sell them separate from the hinge. Each one also comes with a shoulder bolt that fits the bore perfectly, just like the whole seat bracket set up ships with.

Next are replacement liners. All helmet interiors break down over time, given enough use. Ours can come out and get washed and that helps, but sometimes you just need to freshen up that old stinky lid with a whole new interior. You can also customize this and make it work inside your old Buco or whatever swap meet find you are running. Use a little glue or 2-sided velcro and wal-lah! No more black dust all over your sweaty dome. These are direct replacements for Gen1 and Gen2 Biltwell Novelty lids. Pretty hard to beat for $20. I've got an old original Arthur Fulmer laying around, I'll try this out inside and see how hard it is and post some results next week.