Jersey, where you at?

Once in a while I cruise through our reports and see what other countries are out there lurking about on the Biltwell site. It's always a trip to think that there were chopper freaks sitting in Russia checking out sparkly helmets or some dude on the Isle of Man digging around for some 1" Clubmans. So, down near the bottom sandwiched by Macedonia and Angola, I spot it: Jersey. 

Now, I just spent a weekend with Big Al and Darren and they didn't tell me a thing about this. I figured for sure Walt would have mentioned it by now. Alas, a quick google search shows one of the Channel Islands between France and the UK is a remnant of the Dukedom of Normandy. Thanks, CIA. Whoever this lone soul is, if you send me your address in that Jersey I'll post you out a Mandana just for helping me expand my geographic horizons.