If you've recently mounted one of our new Banana seats up, do us a favor and post a pic of your bike on the Biltwell Facebook page and we'll use them in the Customer's Bikes section to show other people how the seats look on a variety of bikes.

Since our friend Jake doesn't have a stock fender, he modded the seat slightly by removing the rear mounting bracket. He also blacked out the white contrast stitching because, well, Jake is that kind of guy. He's going to take advantage of the hole in the foam and slit in the little rubber patch. See, if you put a bolt down through this slot and drill a hole that lines up with it in your fender, you can have a solidly mounted seat with no exposed hardware. It's like a Pivotal seat post set up on a BMX bike if you are familiar with that. Our original design for this seat called for that mounting method (to the stock insert in Sportster fenders) but after we tested them on enough stock H-D's, we determined the inaccuracies  from one bike to the next was too much of a pain in the ass for customers to deal with, so we added the external bracket out the back. If you want to mess with it, there is still a washer on the inside, between the seat and foam to add strength to the plastic pan if you wanna drop a bolt through and attach it that way. Either way, Jake's bike kills and I dig the moto style with this flat seat where you can adjust back and forth for optimum performance, and we all need optimum performance. Thanks for the pics, Jake!