Nor Cal Here we Come

We toyed with the idea of going to Sturgis this year, but the thought of being gone from home so long and standing around hocking parts half the time just wasn't appealing enough. California is a constant hustle and there is plenty to hate about it, but two things about the Golden State simply rule: weather and roads. With that in mind we've cooked up a little six-day bromantic excursion from So Cal up 395 and across to San Francisco and back down the coast. One night in a hotel, the rest camping. To me, this is what motorcycles are best for and the part of the whole deal I personally enjoy most. It looks like it'll be about 1,400 miles, so not a real ball-breaker over so many days. Hopefully this means we can stop along the way and swim in creeks, soak up some local flavor and not just lock the throttle and hit the freeway all day. I have a fetish for riding over big bridges and in super-dense cities that I don't know too well. Not to mention really twisty, fast two-lanes with lots of elevation changes, so this trip has it all and I can't wait. Kenzie and Carrie will still be running the day to day, but "Will these bars fit my bike" tech questions will have to wait from the 21st to the 26th of July. Maybe we'll go to Sturgis next year, I know it can be done right, so save the preaching, this year we're gonna explore our own state. Oh yeah, we're gonna stop by Mike's place for the Old-Stf open house, so really it is a business trip!