Moto Goggles

Goggles are great. Maybe not if you are just riding down the street to the store or your local bar, but if you are really putting in some miles or riding in shit weather, having real goggles can make a difference. Motocross and snowboard companies have battled over the past decade to include so many features and options that the selection has become overwhelming and expensive. Feature-creep on these products has gotten to the point where you look like a clown wearing half of them or feel like a clown for paying big bucks for them. We figured it was time to go back to a simple, purpose-built goggle without all the fancy vents, neon accents or otherwise superfluous gee-gaws. For $35.00 you will have a hard time finding a better goggle, especially with an Italian-made anti-fog lens that actually works and low-key styling. Check 'em out here.