Redneck Ringtoss

I rode to my friend Caleb's place the other day. He and JD are always up to something interesting. Of particular note on this visit was the new addition of what Caleb calls Redneck Ringtoss. It's pretty basic - a 2" brass ring, tied to some thin line and a hook stuck in the wall. You stand back and let it fly with a gentle arc. It's a pisser until you get the hang of it, and I seem to need to relearn every day. You have to adjust the string just right when you first set it up, but it's really easy. The higher the ceiling, the longer the distance to the hook. Definitely not something that increases productivity around here. It's a fun drinking game, you can do it one-handed and unlike horseshoes or darts, you don't even have to walk over to the target, the ring just comes back when you miss. Thanks for the lessons dudes!