Hell on Wheels Flat Track Races 2013

Meatball, Scott and the crew over at HOW sure know how to have fun on motorbikes. Their MX race at Milestone is legendary and now you can add flat track racing to their mix of down-home fun. Last Saturday night saw some entertaining amateur (and higher level) bar banging out at the Perris Raceway. Stay tuned for more info on the HOW hill climb coming up a little later this year. You can get more details, buy a shirt, DVD, etc here: http://hellonwheelsmc.com/ I put up about 400 photos on our flickr account, so if you were on the track, there's a good chance I got one or two of you. If you were a girl or wearing an Korean BBQ track suit, I probably got more of you. Feel free to poach 'em: http://www.flickr.com/photos/billdozer/sets/72157635021780748/