Operation Why2K?

We split into two teams for this trip; Alpha did a full 2,000 miles in eight days and Bravo met up two days into the trip for right at 1,500 miles in five days. Not like that is record-breaking mileage, but that was the point. We found time along the way to chill, take a swim in a river, do a little fishing, eat ice cream at every available stop, and hole up in an interesting tavern here and there. In other words–it was a near perfect pace. The goal was to make Belden Town, which is a little camp/hotel/bar spot on the Feather River where some of our buds from Nor Cal get together once a year for a little chopper-party action. On the way back we hit some hot springs in Bridgeport and then camped in Mammoth. Bravo hauled balls home, while Alpha spent one last night up on the Kern River.

Our friend Geoff Kowalchuk went along on the shorter portion of the ride and shot photos for next year's catalog, so you may notice a few prototypes of the upcoming Gringo "S" model with an integrated shield and some new color ways of the Gringo and Bonanza helmets.

At one point our crew was well over a dozen riders, and it was pretty amazing that everyone stuck together and other than two flat tires, we really didn't have any issues that couldn't be solved quickly on the side of the road. The line up was something like this: 2 cone shovels, 1 S&S shovel, 1 evo rigid, 2 FXR's, 2 Sportsters, 3 modern Triumphs and a couple Dynas. 

Hauling ass to cool places and doing fun stuff is what motorcycles are made for. If you can do it with good friends and ride something you built, or at least modified, then it's even better!

Thanks to our bros up north for the invite, we'll see you next month at the Nor Cal Cycle Swap!