Duane Ballard's Killer Kosmosaki

Our friend Duane Ballard might be known mostly for his finely hand-crafted leatherwork, but he also builds a mean motorcycle. He finished this one just in time for Born Free last year and has been flogging it ever since. Paul at Spitfire built the frame and fork. Duane rebuilt the KZ1000 engine himself, did all of the tins from scratch with a little help from his friends, and the paint that would make a 80's mini trucker proud was expertly sprayed by Pete "Hot Dog" Finlan. Old DB was able to use quite a few Biltwell parts on the Kosmosaki: Thruster GripsSlimline RisersWhiskey ThrottleSanderson Pegs and he crafted the pipes out of our Builder's Exhaust Kit.

Check out more of Duane's work here: www.dbcustomleather.com