DicE #59 Takeover

Our friends Matt & Dean recently lost their collective minds and let us do a "takeover" on the upcoming DicE issue #59. What this means is that we got to design the cover, a bunch of inside pages, and the special 16-page insert in the middle. I used to be the art director for Snap BMX and Transworld Motocross magazines a years ago, so this was a kinda fun flashback.

They also asked us to design and manufacture 50 items that they can sell as limited editions with this issue. I've been wanting to do a small-scale traditional seabag, but with a couple extra features like Molle webbing that would be easy to attach to just about any sissy bar. I sketched up the dimensions, picked up a couple full-size seabags and headed to Duane Ballard's where we built the first prototype. That bag got a little six hundred or so mile shakedown and I learned a few things and made some modifications. Our vest guy in Los Angeles custom-dyed a lot of 100% cotton 18 oz. duck canvas and stitched 'em up. I'm gonna hand tie the closures and install the brass snap link as soon as they get back from the screen printer where the underside of each bag's lid is getting a little artwork and serial number added. The volume of most bags or luggage is usually measured in liters, but we thought it would be more fitting to use cans of beer since more of our customers would probably identify with that. This bag fit 36 Coors originals perfectly, hence the name EXFIL-36. We've found it's just about right for a weekend trip if you throw your tent on the bars and especially if you have tools and junk in an EXFIL-7. Got a little extra stuff? clip it on to the Molle straps on the side or add modular ammo pouches, etc. This bag is only available with DicE issue #59 which should be available on their webstore Dec. 22: http://dicemagazine.bigcartel.com They will only be a hundred bucks and once they sell the 50 bags, that's it.

You may have heard that another thing DicE likes to do is this: party. Because one party couldn't possibly be enough, we are throwing a pre-party at Powerplant's store "For the Love of Motorcycles" on Saturday Dec 20th starting at 5:00PM. We will have a couple bikes that are featured in issue #59 and some other surprises on display, all of Yaniv's super neat stuff, plus drinks, music, etc. At about 8:00PM we are going to brave the nasty weather and ride a grueling 1.7 miles (better bring a bed roll!) down to Pour Vous for the "Official Issue Release Party" There will be free bike parking, free admission and appropriately the Jesus Sons will be the musical entertainment. DicE gives out free mags at all of their release parties and of course we'll have a few things for you to.

Thanks DicE for letting kooks like us crash your magazine, and thanks Powerplant for letting us party at your store!