Quality Control Helmet Art Show

Written by: Ryan Loughridge

A taco shack, live music, raffle prizes, and a dozen custom painted Biltwell helmets! That’s how MotoLady likes to celebrate. To ring in the 4 year anniversary of MotoLady, Alicia Elfving and Jeff Wolf decided to get creative. They chose to have some fun and host a helmet art show: Quality Control. The third host, Dumptruck was kind enough to donate his garage space in Signal Hill, California for the event.

Including his own work, Jeff Wolf of Wolf Designs invited 5 other artists to each submit two painted Biltwell helmets. One of each of the artist’s helmets would be raffled off and the other would be sold. The artists included the likes of Spencer Getty of Spagetty’s Garage, Bryan Scott, Bombshell Deluxe, Jason Prouty of Garage 31, and Jeff Yarrington. Each artist brought a unique style and approach to their Biltwell lid, showcasing a broad assortment of artistic expression.

With tons of people heading home with custom painted helmets and some other goodies from the piñata the Quality Control show was a hit. Congratulations to MotoLady on the 4th anniversary and a great show.