Rippin' Rooster at NORRA 1000

Time for an update on the NORRA 1000 race last month. This tireless crew of the Rippin' Rooster successfully piloted their 60-year old desert hot rod from one end of the Baja peninsula to the other over some of the gnarliest terrain you can imagine. We were so stoked to see our helmets, gloves, goggles and even gasolina bottles put to good, filthy use. 

My plan was to meet up with them for the second day and co-drive a section with Jim. Me and a couple buddies were also pitting for an old friend who was racing a Baja bug. As usual, the desert had it's own agenda and it included us changing a front spindle on the beach in the middle of the first night. This put me a day behind the Rooster crew, so I missed my slot on day two. Sad face. More importantly, at the end of the fourth day Jim made the podium with a hard-fought third place finish. Well done, Rippers!

Huge thanks to the Jim, Eric, Duran and the rest of the Rooster family for letting us be involved. You can follow this intrepid team on Instagram @rippinrooster

Anyone who's racing a vintage bike next year and would like some support, hit us up, we'd be glad to pitch in. Hit up