Hooligan Dirt Dash / New Braunfels Texas

The June 4th, 2016 Hooligan Dirt Dash took place at Gruene Harley-Davidson in New Braunfels, Texas. This is quite possibly the coolest dealership in the country. Their big grass field was just begging to be carved into a hooligan dirt track. Weather was not on our side, and with half of Texas underwater already, we were sweating bullets and fearing that the event might get rained out.

We flew in one of the best track builders in the business, named Kit Stokes. By Saturday morning, the rain had transformed the track into a muddy, pothole-filled war zone but Kit along with some New Braunfels heavy equipment operators whipped it into shape in a matter of hours. All the riders agreed that the track was more fun to ride and safer than what they were used to.

Multiple classes of racers kept things interesting—Run what ya Brung, kickstart race, and of course the Hooligans. Heavy doses of slideways practice and racing combined with stunt shows by the Unknown crew and a Chopper/Dyna/FXR show made for a busy day of action-packed entertainment. Whether it was Mark Atkins sliding his Sportster around the track or a New Braunfels local railing corners on the FXR he rode into the event, the track was constantly buzzing.

Just after the main event we handed out trophies, Wiggins popped the champagne from the podium's top spot and the heavens opened up and doused everything. Timing could not have been better!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the races and Gruene Harley-Davidson's 10 year anniversary party, we appreciate the hospitality and can't wait to get back to Texas again soon!